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Frequently Asked


System Requirements for Chartbridge

We recommend you to use PRO version of TradingView because it has many additional features. However, algos may be executed using the free version also. The free version has limitations on the number of charts you can open, numbero of indicators and number of alerts.


Is there any other cost from AliceBlue in commissions or technology?

There is absolutely no other cost levied by AliceBlue. Clients using ChartBridge pay the same charges as clients using Ant Desktop or Ant Mobi.


What are the different components required in algo trading? Please also mention cost of each

a) API: Currently provided free by AliceBlue
b) Strategy Platform: Eg. TradingView. It can be free or paid depending on the respective provider
c) ChartBridge: It can be free (paper-trading) or paid @ Rs. 999 per month for live trading.
d) VPS: It’s optional for uninterrupted trading.
e) Any additional commission or transaction-based cost is not levied by AliceBlue for ChartBridge users.


Does ChartBridge also works with Amibroker/MetaTrader/Python/Excel VBA?

Yes, get in touch with us for details!

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