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Excel for bulk order placement, modification, cancellation

It is super easy to place bulk orders through Excel. You can place all order types and product types which your broker allows, such as Limit, Market, CO, BO etc.

Though it is very simple, note that you do not actually send orders via Excel, you send Signals. Based on your Risk, Strategy and Signal rules, APIBridge will send orders to your broker. You should test Excel connection via Jump Start before trying bulk order placement.

APIBridge Symbol Settings have precedence over what you give in Excel. For example, if you give 100 qty via Excel, and 500 qty in Symbol Settings, APIBridge will place order with 500 quantity. See all symbol settings here. We advise you to fill only mandatory columns in Symbol Settings, leave all blank. So that it can be sent via Excel.

Bulk Order Placement

In Excel, tick Stop Execution and delete values in column A-SigType. Then fill the following columns: A-Price, A-Qty, A-Instrument, A-STAG, A-Symbol, A-OrderType, A-ProductType. Type signals that you want to send in the F empty column .

  1. If you are sending Market Order, you can fill A-Price with 0.
  2. Order Type and Product Type should be spelled correct as per symbol settings. Order Types: Limit, Market, SLL, SLM. Product Types: MIS, NRML, CNC, CO, BO.
  3. If you are sending Limit Order, you can fill A-Price with the Limit price. You can also link it with live data for LTP
  4. If you are sending SLL, CO or BO, you can fill the columns A-TrigPrice, A-SL, A-TGT
  5. For Options, you also need to provide Expiry, Strike and Type.

Signal triggers from APIBridge when the value in A-SigType changes.

Delete values in column A-Stag. In column A-SigType, fill the formula

=IF([@[A-STAG]]="STG1", MyTableStyle[@Column1], "NA")

This formula will fill the A-SigType with NA. Untick the Stop Execution because your sheet is prepared to trade.

Type the default Strategy Tag – STG1 in an empty cell. Copy this. Select all values in A-SigType and press Ctril+V. This will fill Signals in A-SigType column and all will trigger at once. That’s it!

Bulk Order Modification

You can modify Limit, SLL and SLM orders via APIBridge. BO and CO orders cannot be modified or cancelled via APIBridge, you can modify them from broker’s terminal.

Go to Application Settings ->Signal Settings. Tick the following rules:
– LE (SE) cancels order from prev LE/LX (SE/SX)
– LX (SX) cancels order from prev LE/LX (SE/SX)

Now send again Signals at new price. These two rules will automatically cancel previous Open orders, and place new orders with modified price.

Bulk Order Cancellation

Order cancellation works exactly same way as Order modification above. Send new Signals at a price outside the stock’s range; like 1.00. It will cancel previous open orders. But new orders will be rejected because of price range.

Note that Order Modification and Order Cancellation are subject to Order Status returned by Broker API. To read more about API errors, see here.

Rate Limits in API

All Broker APIs have limits on the number of requests you can send per minute. This can be anything from 10 request per minute to 500 request per minute. The rate limits are also subject to change based on load on broker’s server. We recommend you to not send too many requests to API for order placement, modification or cancellation. See more about API communications here.

Note: you can hide the A-columns which you do not use.