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Amazon VPS

Setting Up Free VPS on Amazon AWS

You can run Chart bridge on a VPS or your personal computer. The benefits of running Chart bridge on a VPS is basically uninterrupted trading:

  • No worries about internet disconnection, it always keeps running. Even when you shut your computer.
  • No worries about outdated windows, antivirus issues, virus issues, or computer running slow.
  • You can continue personal/office work without worrying about algo running on VPS

It is easy to setup free VPS (called instance) in Amazon AWS for Chart bridge. The free instance has 1 GB ram sufficient for Chart bridge, while you can run TradingView in your PC/mobile. If you want to run other applications on VPS such as amibroker/mt4/ninjatrader, you can increase RAM in your instance.
Follow this guide step-by-step to setup free VPS.

  1. Go to www.aws.amazon.com Click on Create Free Account
  2. Provide your details for signup
  3. After completing process of signup, it will automatically take you to Payment Methods. If it doesn’t, click Billing & Cost Management under My Account. Then, on left side, under Billing Preferences, click Payment Methods
  4. Under Payment Methods, click Add a card. Here you can verify your master/visa card. Amazon AWS can take upto 24 hours to verify card. Only after that you can proceed to create instance. For debit card, it may verify the card instantly. To verify your identity, it may deduct a small amount like 2rs. If it asks for a support plan, select the FREE (BASIC PLAN)
  5. Login after card activation, Click Sign in to the console. If it asks for IAM User Name, click “Sign-in using root account credentials”. Click on Services from top left. Then click EC2
  1. Click on blue button Launch Instance
  2. On top it will show zone Ohio. Click on that and select Mumbai (Asia Pacific)
  1. In Step 1: Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) scroll down and select Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base. Click review and launch.
  • It will ask you to generate Key pair for vps password. Give a file name and download it. Then Launch instance.
  1. Wait for few minutes to launch. Then go to your EC2 instance and click Get Windows Password. You can now upload the key pair file to get password. Save the password.
  2. In your computer, open Remote Desktop Connection. Put here the public IP, username and password.
  3. In the VPS, click Internet Explorer. Make it security settings lowest. Low security settings are important for you to login to API, or download important applications. But even after that it will not allow you to download Google Chrome. You will need to download chrome from an alternate website.